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MacKay & Sons Will Resolve Your Insulation Issues in Ottawa

Since 1978, MacKay & Sons has been providing homes and businesses in and around Ottawa with exceptional insulation solutions in the form of advice and installation services.

Our 34+ years of experience and personalized approach to customer service makes us one of the most sought after insulation contractors in our area.

We are your complete insulation solution regardless of the age of your home

Whether you are building a new structure or trying to improve the energy efficiency of an older existing one, MacKay & Sons will install cellulose or fiberglass insulation, depending on your needs. The results of which will be:

 ● An increased comfort level in the house

 ● Acoustic benefits by reducing sound transmission from your home’s exterior

 ● Savings on your heating and cooling bills

In addition, we provide free estimates, free consultations and senior discounts. Best of all, all of our products come with a full warranty.

To learn more about how we transform and improve your interior climate, please visit our methods page.

We offer improved climate control without the messy hassle

What we do is very painless and minimally intrusive, especially our exterior work. We can complete your project with no damage to any walls during the process. Plus, our company’s owner, who has earned his Canadian General Standards Board of Certification, will personally be on-site to supervise each job.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and service.

We have every nook and cranny covered

We specialize in working on older homes, especially installations that require cavity filling jobs and re-insulating attics and basements. If you’d like to read what some of our customers think of the jobs we did for them, check out these testimonials!

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Service Area

All of Ottawa and the surrounding areas

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