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Rely on MacKay & Sons for One-on-One Service in Ottawa

At MacKay & Sons, we work directly with each client to troubleshoot your problem, providing you with great one-on-one service. Plus, we execute our duties in accordance with the highest building standards, ensuring that your new insulation is durable and will last a long time.

Making the complex understandable

We always explain the benefits to you of different alternatives in order to encourage different ideas so we can determine exactly what you want. During these discussions, you will always be speaking with either our owner or his sons, who are experts in the industry. We do not send out sales reps to negotiate for us – we do it ourselves!

 ●   All products warrantied

 ●  Free estimations

 ●  Free consultation

 ●  Senior discounts

 ●  Troubleshooting

 ●  Installation

Your insulation solutions are just a call away Make Yours Today!
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